Win A Signed Copy Of Prison Break Pilot Episode Script

The Far Shore Book By Paul T. Scheuring

When you pre-order Prison Break Producer Paul T. Scheuring’s new book, The Far Shore you stand a chance to win a signed copy of Prison Break Season 5 Pilot Episode script. The competition will run till February 28 2017.

Paul’s First novel will be selling on Amazon starting  March 2017. After reading the book summary i’m pretty sure this will make a great series. Something greater than Prison Break. Paul has announced the competition a few weeks back on his Twitter account.

The book is about A Girl named Lilly who is informed by an “heir finder” that his grandfather who she has never met, left here an unclaimed fortune of about $16 million. But the downside is that she cannot claim all this money unless she finds the remains of his late granfather  who went missing in World War II and she brings full proof of his granfathers death by bringing his remains to prove he is legally dead.

This book is  a global odyssey of Lily’s journey on finding answers about the death of her grandfather. It’s a complete journey from the South Carolina Shores to Myanmar deepest jungles.

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