Lincoln Will Die In Season 5?[New Spoiler]

But what if Linc DOES die?

In the Prison Break Season 5 revival trailer we get to see Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) rising from the “dead”. But it seems like viewers have a lot to worry about after Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring recently took to Twitter and shared a new season 5 spoiler. Since the new season is based on an ancient Greek epic poem called Homer’s Odyssey in which Paul advised all Prison Break fans to read for them to get an idea of what season 5 is all about. The is a part in the poem where the hero loses one of his crew member on the long and dangerous journey back home which sparked a concern on on Prison Break twitter fan. Replying to the concerned fan Scheuring teased with a warning that  “there will be deaths.”

So a lot of fans are now concerned on what will happen to the crew behing Micheal’s Yemeni escape.  We all know Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) will do anything to save Micheal from any kind of trouble. As a Prison Break fan it would be very sad to any of the Fox River crew go. When we consider the kind of trouble Micheal is in and what kind of trouble his brother puts himself in if he tries to break him out of Yemen, which puts so much sense in this Scheuring tweet:

We all know season 5 has nine episodes right? So all this doesn’t make sense since the series cast summary from IMDB shows that the crew will appear in all nine episodes.

So l guess we have to wait till 4 April to find out.


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