Who is Sara Tancredi Married To? Season 5 Spoiler

Is Lincoln the stepfather of Sara’s kid?

The opening of the Prison Break Season 5 trailer has Sara Tancredi’s son asking about what his “real father” was like. Then a bombshell is dropped after T-bag reveals the possibility of Michael’s survival and Lincoln’s activities subsequently. So no one really has an idea who Sara’ s husband.

“I know you want it to be true, l want it to be true but we gotta trust what what we know.”

So does that mean after Micheal’s “death” in Season 4 Sara decided to move on. No one would debate the affection Sara and Micheal had for each other in previous seasons. Every fan will agree to the fact that the couples romance that blossomed in the Fox River prison was a very strong one. Sara seems to be in denial of Micheal’s possible survival. She seemed shocked and was clearly unable to get in terms with the Micheal’s picture in prison.

Is Lincoln the stepfather of Sara’s kid? Has he taken over his brother’s responsibilities? Considering the fact that Lincoln readily plunged into action to retrieve his brother, he’s unlikely to be Sara’s partner. He wouldn’t fancy putting himself in harm’s way if he was happy with Sara. That leaves Paul Kellermen in the equation, too.

Paul was once a foe and later an ally. He went on achieve great things in the fourth season. Additionally, Paul was also instrumental in Sara’s vindication in the past. There is no reason why he would not have taken her as a partner as an atonement for his past misdemeanors. If not Paul, then, Is it an aberrant character?

Prison Break Season 5 will return to FOX in the beginning of 2017. The air of skepticism around Sara and Michael will perish then.

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