Prison Break Season 5 – Fox Unveils New Poster

First, it was a prison. Now, it’s a nation.

Prison break is coming back with season 5 announced to begin in April 4 2017 on Fox. We all have waiting for the for the prison break reboot ever since it ended 8 years ago. Having re-watched the past four season over and over again, waiting for this very moment to actually happen.  As seen in the few trailers released by Fox, Micheal Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is an inmate at a Yemen Prison called Ogygia.

The entire season is a is a nod to the Odyssey which means its Micheal’s journey from the middle east back to Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) and his son. A new poster of the upcoming series first appeared on EW exclusively reveals that it’s going to be a tough season since Micheal will not be just be breaking out of Prison but out of the war torn middle east hence the tagline on the poster, “First, it was a prison. Now, it’s a nation.” see poster below:

Will Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) return the favour and help Micheal get back home? Guess we have to wait till April 4 to find out.


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