Micheal Has A New Name In New Season? Season 5 Spoilers

Michael’s ISIL Alias

The recent Prison Break Trailers revealed a lot of information about the new season. If you look closer, you will see that a lot of information is revealed about Season 5. It’s from the second trailer, where we found out where Micheal was locked. Micheal was being held at Ogygia Prison in Yemen which is a bit far from the nearest airport, Sana’a International airport which we assume was the getaway for the brothers. so it makes sense what the Prison Break Writers said about getting out of prison as just the beginning. The biggest escape is breaking out of Yemen.

But the wanted Poster has so much information about how much trouble Micheal is in. This has to be the biggest spoiler in the whole trailer. The poster has Micheal Scofields mugshot but he goes by the name of  Kaniel Outis instead of Michael. Kaniel Outis is wanted for killing a senior CIA official, numerous bombings  and for his ties with terrorist group ISIL.

We also spotted Micheal’s new tattoos in the footage. In a closer look into the clip you can that on each palm of Micheal’s hand there’s a resemblance of the eye of Horus with the ink going up his arm. Micheal said that his new tattoos are less of a blueprint which means they might have something to do with his initiation into ISIL. But the big question still remains, Why did Michael join ISIL?

Did Micheal really die is season 4? Did anyone see his body? In the trailer we see a casket with Micheal’s cold, dead, pale corpse. In a voiceover we hear Micheal say  “I died seven years ago. Left behind a wife, a son, and a brother. But the dead talk, if you listen,”

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