Michael Scofield’s Return Based on Odyssey’s in New Season

New Love Interest For Lincoln

Micheal The modern Day Odyssey

Odyssey is an epic Greek poem. It chronicles the journey of Odyssey, the Greek king of Ithaca after the Trojan war. He is lost at sea for ten years and when he finally makes it home, things have changed. He realizes that he has a son and that his wife is hounded by suitors.

Similar to the Greek retelling of the poem, in Season 5 of Prison Break, viewers will find out that Micheal Scofield is not dead. He is alive but is in a Yemeni prison. The 9-episode series follows his escape from Yeman and his reunion with Sara and his unknown seven-year-old son.

Michael gets involved with the terrorist  group ISIS. He is framed by the authorities and is rotting in a prison in Yemen. His brother Lincoln Burrows and a group of trusted ex-prison mates, device a way to break Micheal out of prison.

What More To Expect From Prison Break Season 5?

A few causalities are expected. It is speculated that Lincoln may sacrifice his life to save Micheal.

Once back to safety, he is confronted with the fact that Sara and his son have moved on. Season 4 wrapped up with Sara mourning Micheal’s death. Sara has a new life and apparently is married to some one.

Christian Times reports that Micheal’s days as a free man seem limited his enemies from prison follow him back. They threaten the lives of Michael, Sara and their son.

Taking inspiration from Odyssey is a great way to explain Micheal’s return from the dead.

The crew is currently shooting for the series. Prison Break Season 5 will air early next year

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