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    The Best Fan-Made Sarah and Micheal Prison Break Moments (Open list) (8 submissions)

    The affordable access to video editing software and video sharing platforms like Vimeo and Youtube has made it easy for fans to express their artistic skills. Fans have turned into amateur filmmakers with no budget. We gather some of our favorites not-done-by-the-studio Prison Break videos here. You can add your own to the list. You […] More

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    Meet New Prison Break 5 Cast Member Inbar Lavi

    She is well known as Maddie Jonson in Bravo TV’s third original series “Imposters.” She plays the role of a con artist known as Maddie every week as she is about to bag a big role in the new Prison Break series. Inbar Lavi is set to play a major role in Fox’s fastest growing series of all time. […] More

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  • Prison Break Season 5 Trailer 2017 Becomes Fox’s Fastest-Growing Ever

    Fox’s new Prison Break trailer released Wednesday at TCA is surging. In its first 24 hours online, the trailer has surpassed 42 million organic views across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, making it the fastest-growing trailer ever for the network, Fox says. The nine-episode Prison Break event series reteams the cast and crew of the original […] More

  • We Examine The Possibility Of A Prison Break Season 6

    It’s been nearly eight years since we last caught up with Michael Scofield and his Fox River buddies, but Prison Break is finally coming back for a fifth season in a couple of months. But will this be one last hurrah or a start of a new bunch of seasons? So far, it appears Fox […] More

  • Amazing Photos of Prison Break Season 5 Cast

    Fans were pleased after hearing that a majority of their favorite prison break characters will be returning for the limited 9 episodes reboot. Here are photos of the cast which have been making rounds in social media. Which one is your favorite?   More

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    10 Things You Need to Know About Prison Break Season 5

    We take a look at 10 things every Prison Break fan needs to know about the new season. 1. The Full Crew is Back. The gang is back together for the new season with  Micheal Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, Sara Tancredi, Fernando Sucre, T-Bag, C-Note, Paul Kellerman and their respective actors/actresses have all been officially confirmed for […] More

  • Prison Break Season 5 Main Cast Spoilers

    After a long wait the limited 9 episode limited special of Prison Break season 5 will be back on our screens in 2017. It has been almost seven years since season 4 of the number one TV show in the 21st Century ended. With The main cast, Micheal Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, Dr. Sara Tancredi, Fernando […] More