10 Things You Need to Know About Prison Break Season 5

Prison Break New Season Spoilers

We take a look at 10 things every Prison Break fan needs to know about the new season.

1. The Full Crew is Back.

The gang is back together for the new season with  Micheal Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, Sara Tancredi, Fernando Sucre, T-Bag, C-Note, Paul Kellerman and their respective actors/actresses have all been officially confirmed for Prison Break Season 5.

2. A New Main Act Reaveled

Defiance(2008) and What a Woman Wants(2000) actor Mark Feuerstein was the biggest announcement for the new season. It has been hinted Mark will play the role of Sara’s husband. He has been cast as Scott Ness the stepdad to Mike Scofield.

3. The Sequel returns

Prison break season 5 will be a sequel, and Micheal Scofield will return as a living character and not in a form of hallucination. That is such an important detail for Prison Break fans to know, and while it could be divisive, the creators will know that they have to focus all of their energy on making the return plausible as possible.

4. The Breakout Return

Sarah Wayne Callies’s casting came with a plot synopsis attached. It states: ” When clues surface suggesting that Micheal may be alive, Sara teams up with Lincoln to engineer the series’s biggest escape ever.” You can pitch together a rough idea of how the season could take shape from that one line.

5. No Official Season Comeback Yet?

No official word has leaked from Fox with regards to when the new season will air. All fans know for certain is that the show is filming right, in April and beyond. Some rumours suggest that the show may arrive in early 2017.

Update: Prison Break will now air in 4 April 2017 on Fox.


6.The Breakout Kings and Queen

The entire name prison break revolves around the main characters being repeatedly jailed, and fanss won’t be able to take much more if that’s the same cycle. A varied storyline that sees the fans’ s “heroes” putting others behind bars may be a direction to take.

7. Lincoln Burrows is Most Likely to Die

After the storyboard of a car chase between Lincoln and some unknown people was shown on twitter you can actually picture the moment happening onscreen, cant you? A rushed Lincoln Burrows desperately trying to flee from whoever may be chasing him. The police, IYSIS, an assassin, government officials, T-Bag in a golf cart(lol). The possibilities are endless. Prison break could be shot as a deep-thinking thriller.

8. Only 9 Episodes for Prison Break Season 5

If you were expecting another 22 episode spectacular like the first two seasons(24 in fourth) seasons, prepare to be disappointed. Season 3 was condensed down due to the the writer’s strike leaving it at just 13 episodes, but season 5 will be even shorter. The Breakout Return will be an initial 9 episode mini series.

9. Season 5 is Filmed On Global Scale

Prison Break season 5 is being filmed on a global scale . Much of the filming will take place in Vancouver. In addition to the city/woodland combination in Canada, the crew are heading out to Morocco to use major cities as filming locations. rumours suggest that Micheal’s new jail could be as far away as Yemen.

10. Re-Introducing Mike Scofield

Micheal Scofield’s son could be a huge part of the future for the show. He’s yet to meet his true father, and while Mark Feuestein’s character has raised him, there will still be a biological connection between micheal and his biy. you could full expect a Mike/Micheal meeting scene to be highly charged and it could be a major moment for the show.

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